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     In a small underground laboratory, a desperate scientist tries to contact other worlds and finds an inner portal to another dimension. The year is 1906, and Nikola has invented a device beyond the scope of imagination. But his work comes at a considerable cost and sets him on the path to a nervous breakdown.

     Locked away in a secret laboratory beneath his Wardenclyffe estate, the famous inventor stays hidden from public view as he relentlessly works on a secret project that fills the void between science and magic.

     In his quest to reach beyond the realm of reality, something scientifically impossible happens, which could threaten the world as we know it. In desperation, Nikola decides to abandon his Wardenclyffe property and never return, keeping his discovery secret until his last days on earth.

     Dorothy Fuller, a journalist for the New York Mirror, is given exclusive rights to Nikola's story, a narrative that will take its readers into another world. Nikola's dark secret has remained buried for over thirty-five years, and now Dorothy Fuller must decide whether to write the truth about his discovery or squash it. Her decision could challenge the meaning of life and death and bridge the connection between reality and the afterlife.  Nikola's Otherworld could answer the question; "are the gods real?"

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    The Realm of Eternal Magic


Bonnie and her two friends, Henry, and Freddie discover a mysterious laboratory built over a hundred years ago beneath the abandoned estate of a world-renowned scientist. In the secret laboratory, they find a chamber equipped with a device called ARM (Alternate Reality Machine). There is also a journal left by the now-deceased scientist explaining why the machine was devised and how to operate it.

     After reading the journal, the three youths decide to test the machine, and without realizing the consequences, they activate the ARM while sitting in the enclosed chamber. 

Bonnie and her friends are thrust into a dimensional vortex that catapults the three teens into another reality, a world, unlike anything they have ever seen. The three unsuspecting youths are trapped in a place called the Realm, where creatures born of myths, and legends all exist in an eternal land of magic.

     However, the Realm is ruled by sorcery, black magic, and a vicious queen who will stop at nothing to destroy them and the world they came from. Bonnie and her friends have one hope of returning home; they must find the hermit known as the Master of all things.

Bonnie and her friends set out on a journey through the dark forest of the legendary elfins where the woods are shrouded by the evil curse of the Blood Moon. And each night gives rise to the deadly creatures that stalk the weak and unprotected intruders who dare to venture into the woods during the bewitching hour.

     If Bonnie, Henry, and Freddie are to survive, they will need help. But, who will come to their rescue?

     Trapped in a world of fantastic beasts and vile creatures, the three teens find help from a host of extraordinary beings that will enchant your mind as you follow Bonnie and her friends on their incredible adventure. Join them in a kingdom, unlike any other. A Realm that exists no farther than the human mind. A magical place where myths and legends never die, and only the ancient gods have the power to change the course of time and the illusion of reality.


     Emma Gilder, a recent graduate of Wellesley College, is determined to succeed in a man's world as an investigative journalist. However, is Emma tough enough to make it in the competitive, and often, demanding world of newspaper publishing?

     The young Wellesley graduate is hired as a writer for the influential New York World newspaper, owned by Joseph J. Pulitzer, and unexpectedly thrust into the middle of mayhem and murder when an unsuspecting woman is the victim of a homicidal killer.

     Crime, prostitution, and poverty linger on every corner of lower Manhattan, and a psychotic killer is on a rampage luring unsuspecting victims into the dark alleys of Bleecker Street where the killer leaves an unusual signature mark carved into the victim's bodies.

     Emma investigates the murders of the Bleecker Street killer, whom the city is now calling the New York Ripper.