A Woman Barbarously Slaughtered in the East River Hotel.
Strangled First and Then Hacked and Disemboweled.
A Cross Cut on Her Back After She Was Dead.

by NY WORLD 1891

Illustrations by NY WORLD


An atrocious crime, as horroble in its details as any of the Whitechapel atrocities of Jack the Ripper, came to light this morning in the East River Hotel, at No. 14 Catharine slip.
  The victim is an old woman sixty years of age, well known as a vagrant and street walker in that locality.
  Her murderer, who escaped before the crime was discovered, is supposed to be a young man about thirty-five years of age, who hired the room with the woman late last night.
His name is unknown, but the one he gave to the bartender of the hotel, when he came in with the woman, is C. Kniclo.

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Many Arrests, but the New York Ripper Is Still at Large.


Detectives in Private Clothes Swarm in the Fourth Ward.

Inspector  Byrnes Visits Brooklyn This Morning on Alleged Clues.

 by NY WORLD 189

 Illustration by NY WORLD

  No crime which has been committed in this city for years has stirred the Police Department to such tremendous activity as the horrible butchery of Carrie Brown, alias "Old Shakespeare," by "Jack the Ripper," or his double, at the East River Hotel.
  Since noon yesterday the Fourth Precinct has been fairly alive with detectives and policemen in citizens' clothes. They have been dragging all the low dives and resorts on Cherry Hill and its vicinity, in the hope of discovering some clue to the escaped murderer.
  He is still at large, and so far as can be learned from the police authorities no trace of him has yet been brought to light.

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