Among the Top Historical Thrillers "Bleecker Street," sizzles with romance, crime, and revenge.

     In 1890, America was nearing the end of the Gilded Age and two decades of prosperity and growth. Liberal minded citizens began questioning the ideals of high moral standards and the religious reforms of the Victorian Age. And within the city of New York, a growing presence of criminal activity existed and a darkening of social behavior among urban dwellers.  

   In the historical fiction novel "BLEECKER STREET," city slums are growing at an alarming rate in the Lower East Side of Manhattan, where immigrants struggle to survive in a district brimming with high unemployment, crime, and social deviance. Prostitution runs rampant on the streets, and daily homicides are a regular headline in the New York City newspapers along with the unsolved case of the psychotic killer known as the New York Ripper.

In Ted Lampron's historical thriller, 'Bleecker Street', Police Inspector Thomas F. Byrnes takes heat from the New York press in 1891, criticizing his inability to capture, dead or alive, the killer known as the "New York Ripper."

Byrnes is a tough Irish-born American Police Inspector, who serves as head of the New York City Police detective department in 1891. Byrnes popularized the terms "rogues gallery" and "third degree."

Emma Gilder, a rooky news reporter for the New York World, believes that Byrnes and his detectives are holding back crucial information about the killer and his latest victims. As Emma digs deeper into the murder cases, she comes face to face with the homicidal killer.

Meanwhile, in Lower Manhattan, another mad man is on the loose. Thomas "Boston" Corbett has escaped from a Kansas lunatic asylum and is hell-bent on killing New York's famous stage actor, Edwin Booth, brother of the Lincoln assassin, John Wilkes Booth. Corbett, known as the 'Mad Hatter,' is also searching for a secret document from the Civil War days.

Bleecker Street becomes the killing ground for a psychotic murderer who takes pleasure in butchering his victims. However, the killer has a copycat who escapes the clutches of the law. No one knows who either of the killers is in this riveting tale of murder, love, and revenge. 

Inspector Thomas Byrnes

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"Bleecker Street is starting to return to its old glory!"

“Almost everyone was like, ‘Don’t do this,’” said Nell Diamond, its founder. But she lived in the West Village and loved Bleecker Street, and in touring its vacant spaces she found that rents had dropped from their late-2000s high of $500 to $600 per square foot to $200 to $300. And despite the dire landscape, she did not believe retail was dead."

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